3: Whanaungatanga – relationship building

This e-learning module is the third of a four-part micro-learning series from the Taumatua project – a roadmap for newsrooms wanting to build cultural intelligence.

Whanaungatanga, or relationship building, is an essential concept for Māori. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition among New Zealand media organisations of the importance of incorporating Māori cultural values into their operations, including whanaungatanga.

Relationship building is vital for media organisations because it helps to establish trust and understanding with their audiences, particularly with Māori communities. By building strong relationships with Māori individuals, groups and organisations, the media can create a platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives, which can lead to more accurate and balanced reporting.

By incorporating Māori cultural values such as whanaungatanga, media organisations can demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, which are essential for building a more just and equitable society. This, in turn, can help to foster a more positive image of media organisations and trust within the wider community.

Building strong relationships with Māori individuals and organisations can also help media news organisations to better understand the issues and challenges facing Māori communities, which can lead to more informed reporting and a greater awareness of the unique perspectives and experiences of Māori.

This can help to promote greater understanding and empathy between different cultural groups in New Zealand, which is essential for building a more cohesive and inclusive society.

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