About us

Mata Media publishes thought-provoking Māori news stories, views and opinions and, through training, helps lift the skills of Māori journalists.

Our goals:

  • Support independent Māori writers by giving them a safe space to publish work that might otherwise not find a platform
  • Help Māori journalists gain strength in the craft of journalism.

Mata Media is managed and supported by Aotearoa Media Collective, a media company that creates and produces Māori current affairs programmes for radio, tv and the web.

At AMC, we believe that telling Māori stories from indigenous perspectives, finding an audience for those stories and supporting the people who tell them are all crucial to the well-being of Māori and New Zealand as a whole.

And that belief is what we built our business on.

Mata Media is our contribution to helping support and broaden the reach of Māori stories. There are so many to be told.

He waka eke noa.

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