5: Local government reporting

Ever considered why parks and sports facilities in some areas are fancier than others? Māori are under-represented in councils and the proportion of Māori reporters covering council is likely to be far lower.

Decisions made by councils impact all aspects of society – and they can often have a greater impact on our everyday lives than decisions made in parliament. Reporting on councils and local boards can seem pretty dull at first glance – meetings, lengthy monotonous discussions and reports detailing streams of figures. However, there’s a reason some of our biggest stories stem from these chambers – and why council stories often dominate bulletins.

To do good service to your communities we will provide you with a sound understanding of how councils work, their authority and what you can report on from the meetings. We will give you tips and tricks and hear from experts on how they build relationships, use body language at council meetings and effectively get to the heart of the communities they serve.

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